Faux la Montagne, Creuse, Limousin

Our Services

Our village is quite famous in the area for its associative, but associations are not the only organizations that keep the village so active. Faux-la-Montagne still has its own drugstore (since 1991), its own gas station, but also its own care home and the unique Binhata.


Our Care Home

The community of communes set up a care home just right above the city hall. The nursing home is now composed of three doctors, a physiotherapist, a dentist, a psychologist, two osteopaths, a naturopath, nurses… We are very well aware that this is a great chance for our village.


Our Dear Binhata

If there is one place very specific to Faux-la-Montagne, we can undoubtedly assert that it is the Binhata! However difficult it might be for english speakers to pronounce “Binhata”, it is the Occitan word for “beehive”. The Binhata actually came as a replacement in 2015 when the post office closed down. Like a multi-functional place, the Binhata offers several services for the inhabitants of our village which is quite new in rural France. It gathers a post office but also a library and a tourist information center.

If your road ever brings you to Faux-la-Montagne, feel free to come to the Binhata. Our team will be most pleased to welcome you in our village!

The Binhata


  • Post Office: 05 55 64 47 35
  • Tourist Information Center: 05 55 67 93 04
  • E-mail: binhata@fauxlamontagne.fr

Opening Hours:

  • Monday: 9 – 12 am and 2 – 6 pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9 – 12 am and 2 – 5 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 9 – 12 am