Faux la Montagne, Creuse, Limousin

A Lively Village

Faux-la-Montagne is a small village of the Creuse in the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
Our village is part of the “communauté de communes Creuse Grand Sud” and also of the regional nature park of “Millevaches”.

It is a region of lakes and forests, with harsh winters (altitude ranges between 700 and 985m). Despite its disadvantages, the region attracts new inhabitants. Moreover, Faux-la-Montagne is also a place where lots of associations flourish in a thriving ecosystem.

Some associations are specialized in event management. Toutazimut, for example, organizes a diversified cultural programming for each season: theater, music, dance, circus etc. It also acts as a creative residence for new companies or music bands. Thanks to this organization, over 200 shows have been performed at Faux’s event hall since 2007 !

Folies Fripes is an organization that promotes and sells second-hand clothing.

Tom Pousse is an associative kindergarten with a horizontal mode of operation (equal payments and no managers).

Volubilis is a tea house where you can have a cup of tea (a cup of coffee, or a freshly-made smoothy) and enjoy a nice and homemade biscuit !

This dynamism of growing associations is exactly what makes our small village of the Limousin so special, what make the inhabitants of the village so proud, and what attracts newcomers every year to settle in our community!
As a matter of fact, Faux-la-Montagne’s school needed to open a new classroom! In a context of high rural depopulation, this small step is a big achievement for a village like Faux-la-Montagne.