Faux la Montagne, Creuse, Limousin

Hobbies and Outdoor Activities

At Faux-la-Montagne, there is an abundance of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, climbing or water activities …
Here is the list of things to do in the close area during summer:

  • Adventure and climbing park “d’arbre en arbre”
Adventure Park “d’arbre en arbre”


  • Aplouf (aquatic park & water balls at the “lac de Vassivière”
Aplouf’s waterpark


  • Other water leisure activities such as canoe, kayaks, fishing, pedal boat, paddling, sailing and motor boating …
  • Horse Riding: “Vassivière à cheval


  • There is also a pottery workshop where you can buy some items and even make some yourself: The Rainbow-Dequeker Pottery

Further ahead, many museums are visible in the area. The Binhata will provide you with all information about the regional attractions.