Faux la Montagne, Creuse, Limousin

“A table !” Where to Eat

In the village itself …


  • Chez Morel: Grocery – Bakery – Patisserie
Chez Morel

Our grocery and bakery shop is a family history, that of the Morel’s. The “Creusois” (the regional hazelnut cake), the “Fallois” (a crispy hazelnut cake) and the “pâté de pommes de terre” (regional potatoe pie) are their specialties.


The Volubilis: Tea and Biscuits’ House


Our dear tea house is at the “place de la Fontaine”. Annexed with the associative biscuit factory set up by a dozen of volunteers, you will find a wide range of biscuits, chocolate cookies, nonnettes (filled gingerbread), homemade ice cream and juices like the famous “ginger & pineapple”.


Auberge de la Feuillade: Inn of French Cooking (05 55 67 92 13)

The inn of the “Feuillade” is a restaurant of french cooking that offers affordable lunches where many workers use to eat for lunch.


Pizz’à Marco

Pizz’à Marco

Even if the cook is no longer the original Marco, the pizzas are still very nice to eat! The pizza truck comes every wednesday night in front of the church.


A little bit further …


  • Dabha Indien (Broussas)
    Indian restaurant in Broussas open during summer and offering an all-you-can-eat buffet


  • Restaurant l’Alméria (Broussas)
    Broussas’s pizzeria also organized themed evenings: regional “creusois” menus on Mondays, gambas evening on Wednesdays, Karaoke night on Thursdays and mussels & french fries on Fridays
Alméria restaurant


The “Cabane de la Plage (Beach of Broussas)
The place on the beach where you can eat all kind of snacks, salads, have a beer or an ice cream and enjoy nice concerts at night 😉


  • L’Atelier: Bar – Restaurant, Arts and Event (Royère-de-Vassivière)

The “Atelier” (french word for workshop) offers seasonal convivial and original cuisine, made with fresh products mainly from local suppliers practicing organic farming. It is annexed to a nice and cute shop of local producers and handmade items and organizes concerts.


The “Inn of the Wild” (as translated from the French) offers a local and traditional cuisine as well as world cuisines with varied savors mainly made with fresh farm products. This nice spot in the small village of Rempnat also organizes concerts during summer.