Faux la Montagne, Creuse, Limousin

Walks and Hikes

Our region offers incredible hiking possibilities and we have several hiking tours to propose you.
Whether you would like to go for a small stroll or whether you would rather undertake a bigger adventure, feel free to come at the Binhata where the hiking tracks are available!


  • Relaxing Trail Around the Lake (Sentier détente autour du Lac)
Path going to the lake


  • Shady Stroll of the Feuillade Forest (Balade ombragée de la Forêt de la Feuillade)
The two big sequoias of the Feuillade forest


  • Water Path (Chemin de l’eau)
Passage of the Gane stream


  • Sportive Hike of the 3 Crosses (Rando sportive des 3 Croix)
Steep trail of the 3 crosses


  • Bitter Memories of Our Old Mills (Nostalgie autour des Vieux Moulins)
Remaining wheel of the Dorat mill


  • Getaway to the Beach of Broussas! (Escapade à la plage de Broussas !)
View on the lake on your way to the beach of Broussas